The Online Commencement Ceremony on Behavior Analysis for Autism Rehabilitation Therapists

2020-03-23 Institute for Accessibility Develeopment

A new course, created by Tsinghua University and titled Training in Behavior Analysis for Autism Rehabilitation Therapists, began in the form of teleconference on March 21, 2020. Liu Zhen, Dean of School of Continuing Education, Tsinghua University, and Shao Lei, Executive Dean of the Institute for Accessibility Development, Tsinghua University, addressed at the welcome ceremony respectively. Zhang Lie, Director of Autism Rehabilitation Research Department of the Institute, Wu Jiarui, Executive Director, and Peng Lei, Course Teacher, gave a detailed introduction about the course which relies on an online platform, named Rain Classroom. More than 80 teachers and students attended the meeting, including Wang Changrong, Director of the Recruitment Center of the School of Continuing Education, Sun Yiping, Deputy Dean of the Institute, and Kang Ni, Assistant Executive Director of the Institute. Wang Fang, Deputy Director of the Recruitment Center of the School of Continuing Education, presided over the teleconference.


Online Commencement Ceremony

This course is a one-and-a-half-year off-the-job education program, which is jointly offered by the School of Continuing Education and the Institute for Accessibility Development, Tsinghua University. It is set up according to the outline of the Association for Behavioral Analysis International (ABAI). It aims to train a number of talented and professional therapists and promote the development of autism rehabilitation in China towards internationalization and standardization.


Liu Zhen welcomed all the students and said that the online commencement ceremony was special and unforgettable for them under the circumstance of the novel coronavirus epidemic. He emphasized that the School would give full play to its continuing education features, base itself on advantages of online learning and ensure adequate resources for students. Finally, he wished students to study well and reach their goals and expressed his gratitude to the Institute.


Liu Zhen

Shao Lei said that he was very pleased to see many students choose this course because of the large number of autistic people, high demand of professional rehabilitation services and the lack of talent. He hoped that the students could get good results, apply what they learn to practical use, become professional talents rooted in the frontline, and contribute to the promotion of autism rehabilitation and social equity and inclusion. He pointed out that students could easily access to Rain Classroom to start the course, which created an innovative teaching method featuring actual time, interaction, remote, and decentralization. The method was very significant to improve the quality of online education and benefit students during the coronavirus outbreak.


Shao Lei

Zhang Lie first introduced the team and academic achievements of the Autism Rehabilitation Research Department to the students, and stressed that the department would focus on talent training, the establishment of practice base, and interdisciplinary research in 2020. As the Associate Professor of the Department of Information Art and Design, Tsinghua University, he made rich research achievements in multimedia sensory rehabilitation training for autistic children. He said that he would carry out both basic research and applied research on autism, such as language and cognitive development, attention monitoring, emotional recognition and interactive games for autistic children.


Zhang Lie

Wu Jiarui explained how the whole course system would work and answered many questions about applying for the BCaBA examination and BCBA examination in detail. Peng Lei, a behavior analyst and psychologist, taught the first online class on March 29.


Wu Jiarui


Peng Lei

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