The Fifth Management (Enlarged) Meeting

2020-01-08 Institute for Accessibility Develeopment

On January 7, 2020, the fifth management (enlarged) meeting was held in Tsinghua University (Room 327, Main Building). Xiang Botao, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Tsinghua University Committee and Director of the Management Council of the Institute of Accessibility Development , Tsinghua University  (hereinafter referred to as "Institute"), LYU Shiming, Vice Chairman of China Disabled Persons' Federation (hereinafter referred to as "CDPF") and Director of the Management Council of the Institute, Zhuang Weimin, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Dean of the School of Architecture,  and Director of the Expert Committee of the Institute, Zhu Bing, member of the Management Council of the Institute and Director of the China Braille Library, Zhou Jian, Director of the Civil Rights Department of CDPF, Zhang Dongwang, Deputy Secretary General of the Management Council and Division Chief of the Civil Rights Department of CDPF, Kong Wei, Director of the Business Development Department of China National Committee on Ageing, Yu Shanchuan, Deputy Division Chief of the Standard and Quota Department of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Qi Lei, Chairman of the Labor Union of Wego group, Jiang Junsheng, Member of the Board of Directors of Fujian Provincial Foundation for self-improving and Helping the Disabled and Needy Students, Zhang Ying, Dean of the School of Interpreting and Translation of Beijing International Studies University, Wu Yinghua, Senior Engineer of China Academy of Information and Communication Technology, Ren Fei, Vice President of the Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University (hereinafter referred to as "THAD"), Huang Xianming, Director of Collaborative Innovation Center of THAD, Wang Ning, Director of Universal Accessibility and Healthy Human Settlements Laboratory of THAD, LYU Zhiqiang, Dean of the First National Accessibility and Universal Design Training Camp, Du Peng, a wheelchair user and representative from the Training Camp, experts from China Association of different types of Disabilities and social organizations, Bian Lanchun, Dean of the Institute, Shao Lei, Executive Dean of the Institute, Ji Linhong, Shi Yuanchun and Sun Yiping, Deputy Dean of the Institute, LYU Xiaoquan, Executive Director of the Expert Committee, Zhou Yanmin, Member of the Expert Committee, Zhang Lie, Director of Autism Rehabilitation Department and members of the institute, and more than 40 guests attended the meeting.


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XIANG Botao expressed his gratitude to those who supported and cared about the development of the Institute, and said that Tsinghua University would provide stronger support for the Institute. He also stressed that Tsinghua University would continue to deepen strategic cooperation with China Disabled Persons' Federation and other State Ministries and Commissions to promote the disability cause and the development of accessibility in China.


LYU Shiming praised the Institute’s team for their efforts and achievements in the past three years, and hoped that the Institute would continue to strengthen its professional team, undertake more important scientific research tasks, coordinate with more professional institutions, and make high quality achievements towards the development of accessibility and the disability cause.


Zhuang Weimin and LYU Shiming jointly inaugurated the Universal Accessibility and Healthy Human Settlements Laboratory. Academician Zhuang Weimin said that more than three years ago, he planted a seed of accessibility in Tsinghua University and saw it grow up and become thrived. He also expected to help the laboratory turn scientific research on accessibility into practical projects with Chinese characteristics in the future.


During the meeting, the representative from the Institute reported the main work in the past three years: first, actively participating in major national projects and urban construction to help improve the accessible environment; second, building a new featured think tank to promote the development of accessibility as a national strategy; third, promoting the transdisciplinary development, helping people with disabilities, and paying full attention to the dissemination of the concept of accessibility; fourth, strengthening the international community cooperation and exchange.


LYU Shiming(Left)and XIANG Botao (Right)


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